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I will eventually update everything so there's links on DW as well as LJ, but for now just have a big pile of lazy, comprising everything I've written that I remember writing.

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1. I saw a tourist taking a picture of City Hall with his iPad, and just barely resisted the impulse to smack it out of his hand. WELCOME TO PHILADELPHIA.

2. Being drinking wine like ain't no thang. I was never a huge fan, then suddenly discovered I fucking love it. I wish I could track down every pearl-clutching 16 year old who complains online about how they don't like the taste of alcohol/how they hate being drunk, and give them a hug, and tell them about the future joys of Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc and its accompanying gentle buzz.


I have yet to find a server that isn't junk, to my eternal sorrow. ALWAYS WITH THE RPG NONSENSE. NEVER WITH THE LETTING ME PLAY WITH TNT. Dammit.
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1. Finally, yes, did buy a new computer. Managed to bork it trying to get AMD's drivers to play nice with Xorg, then ragequit Linux because I BOUGHT THIS TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES FUCK YOU. Realized the computer didn't come with an installation disk, refused to spend money on Windows, installed the preview of Win8. Windows 8 is...stay with Windows 7, okay. Metro is a good idea but the implementation is crap, customization is non-existant, and basic functions are either buried under a series of giant icons or shunted to an unintuitive fullscreen interface. IT'S BALLS. So I've run crying back to Crunchbang, my Steam account be damned.

2. I'm attending a wedding next month and just remembered I have nothing to wear and no clue what to get as a gift. ADULTHOOD WHOOPS.


(The staircase is how I am slowly coaxing up livestock. I am committed to my giant sky-cube house concept.)

4. Look, I know the sixth season of SNL is notoriously awful, but that's no reason to stop putting out season DVDs. JUST SKIP IT. I NEED THESE THINGS IN MY LIFE.
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Just dropping this here, ok.

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Uhhh I kind of just wanted to alert you to these things:

1. Makers, by Cory Doctorow. I haven't finished it, so Idk if it ends satisfactorily or what but damn am I digging it. It's about GETTING EXCITED AND MAKING THINGS! and set in the sort of '20 minutes into the future' world I enjoy. It's got flaws, but the overall mood is so positive and cheerful and LET'S GO MAKE STUFF! that I am totally willing to forgive them. It's like an Etsy-generation cyberpunk novel, with the doom/gloom replaced with slapstick and lighthearted satire. DIYpunk, that's a thing now.

WARNING: there's some graphic sex scenes, which I did not know about until I read them on the El and died of awkward. (There's an Orson Welles interview where he's like, you can make a masterpiece of pornography, but not a pornographic masterpiece - you're either jerking off and missing the art, or you're paying attention to the art and the sex seems gratuitous and out of place. You can't be in both mindsets at once. Ymmv, but I tend to agree.)

MILD ALERT: although there's an excellent lady main character, her pagetime seems to be petering out, so if you're not willing to read another 'dudes do stuff' book your enjoyment will end around the halfway mark. Unless things change! Like I said, haven't finished yet.

2. THIS SONG. Apparently it's on a GTA soundtrack but I don't GTA, I just remembered !!! were a thing.

EDIT: shit! Completely forgot! I met Sigourney Weaver! That may be misspelled. The cast/crew of her new show (...Political Animals, I think it's called?) came to the restaurant July 4th. She's very tall, and seems like a reasonable human being, which is rare for fine dining customers in general, let alone Famous Actor Fine Dining Customers. We exchanged brief functional words (while I was weeded, so with limited awkward basking on my part).

In retrospect, I should have ganked one of the themed napkins they brought with. I was too busy lol'ing over the coals to Newcastle aspect, sadly.
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Any recommendations for sassy computers? I've been saving up, and now I have money, but I don't know what to do now because every single computer I look at has both ZOMG AMAZING! and IT'S FUCKING BROKEN reviews. I've been thinking about building one, because I can follow directions pretty well, but so much effort, SO MUCH. I'm kind of tempted to just buy a Thinkpad, because they're beautiful tanks (currently salivating over reviews of the T520), but idk how often I'd be using it out and about. Added consumer anxiety: the whole UEFI kerfuffle, which is like a ticking time bomb of HURR DURR IF YOU WAIT TOO LONG YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO USE AN OS THAT MAKES SENSE TO YOU. Looking at screenshots of Win8 reminds me of that time I installed Ubuntu and it took me five minutes to find the terminal. (And having spent months distro hopping, I am basically married to Crunchbang for the performing of basic tasks - dual boot is good, Debian Stable can't into Java and I am horribly addicted to Minecraft, but I'm not cool with fighting against an OS designed for passive consumption, both practically and in principle.)

What was I saying? Right, okay, tell me about your shiny new computer and why I should buy it.
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So I've had the flu! It's been great. I've been dividing my time between sleep, work, and Doctor Who; anything else, nope, too much effort.

Some thoughts I have had about DW:

1. Man that new Eight theme is baaaaaaaaaaaaad. Hilariously so. Who thought that was a good idea? I can't. what?

2. I really enjoyed the Four audios. Leela! LEELA. Tom Baker! Hooray. "The Renaissance Man" is 100% the sort of thing that I love. Someone made a mini-review online somewhere of "Wrath of the Iceni" comparing it to "Night Thoughts" and "The Chimes of Midnight", so I thought it'd be creepy, but it's a historical. It's great, fantastic characterizations and hella Bechdel, but I was stupidly disappointed. Thanks, internet dude.

2a. I'm waiting for audio!Four to stop making me think of fake!audio!Four from "The Kingmakers". STILL FUNNY, OKAY

3. So then I went back and watched some of the Four/Leela serials I'd never seen. "The Invisible Enemy" is great for the first 20 minutes and then LOLOLOLOL CSO IN YOUR BRAINS PRAWN THING PRAWN THING FURRY EYEBROWS PRAWN THING. I love you, Doctor Who.

4. Oh my GOSH additional new Six! With Jago and Litefoot, does this mean I need to listen to Jago and Litefoot now? I liked them enough in context but never felt compelled to check out their series.

5. Then I re-listened to "Thicker Than Water" because uh I guess I felt like crying. Colin Baker will forever be the best at the parts where the Doctor is horrible at emotions and forgets to use his words even though he is a walking thesaurus and gets all choked-up and stupid and TEARS COME POURING FROM MY FACE OH NOOOOOO

Unrelatedly, it's time for this to be my favorite song again:

Essentially, a partial reading of Judy Grahn's poem "A Woman is Talking to Death" set to early-90s emo, which might strike you as kind of dumb, but it's so beautiful and painful and tense and ugh.


May. 8th, 2012 12:26 am
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Computer status update: I am typing this on my new(old) MacArchBookBangPro. I am thinking of making a sticker that says "FACEBOOK MACHINE" which will impress everyone once I buy a new battery and take this to cafes where I will drink lattes while liveblogging my review
(5.9/10, underwhelming, thin mouth-feel, would not drink again)



>incoming feels>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Hold up I'd forgotten how hot this laptop gets. Brb slathering my thighs in thermal paste.

So, okay, the Davros one didn't really ping me, mostly because I guessed the [spoiler] correctly like two minutes before I even hit play, and then it was just a slow grind to the denouement.

THEN "The Fourth Wall". Right, so, I'm still assuming Flip is Lucie Miller 2.0, mostly because I am an American who cannot tell the difference between Street Urchin Accent #1 and Street Urchin Accent #2. I'm enjoying the meta, I like meta. Flip gets fridged, Six flips (huehuehuehue) out, some good one-liners, yeah.

wherein Flip is now a supreme bad-ass daredevil who does fucking everything and rescues the shit out of herself, and transporters are a pivotal plot device, and family dynamics, and they're not related stop saying that seriously guys you're making it awkward, and the Wirrn are creepy, and Six is a domineering jerkwad who saves the world in spite of itself, and suddenly I want reams of hideously inappropriate Six/Flip.


So those are my feels. Shit, brosephines, I really need to catch up on Eight. And also: everything that is not A) Six, B) Gallifreys.
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Heeeyyyyyy Dreamwidth. What is up, what is new in your hood. I haven't been in a fannish mode lately - or, uh, I've been content to passively consume Fringe and old Six audios. So I haven't been here! Idek. I feel compelled to post in order to let everyone know I have not disappeared entirely. So. Uh.

fffffff have some clubroot:

EDIT: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goooooooooosssssssssssh there are new Six audios maybe now I can stop listening to "The Wormery" on constant repeat.
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Attention: Wire is my favorite band again. During the unfortunate period of time during which Wire was not my favorite band, they released a new album, which I missed because I was being a stupid good-for-nothing. It's pretty great. I can't stop listening to this:

I'm not saying it's objectively the best on Red Barked Tree but just. IT GIVES ME SO MANY FEELS. Someone needs to vid Fringe to this, 100% absolutely yes.
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Nicki Minaj was doing a signing at the dtown FYE today. I know this because I walked through the hoopla - endless line, girls screaming/crying with joy as they left the store. I thought nobody ever came to Philadelphia! Who knew.

In other non-news, I finally stopped fucking with my desktop settings and now I can actually spend my computer time doing tasks. A screenshot, because you care:

(The 'Background' icon, in case you are a person who is interested in a wallpaper changer that will work in xfce4 without any cron nonsense or forcing the entire ding-dang desktop to reload, is a shell script from here and works like a charm.)

EDIT: I lied. The spacing on the conky is really bothering me now. HUP HUP TEXTEDIT.
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SOOOOOO okay I've been working on posting fanfictions to DW, exciting!! Also this means I've finally replaced the dead MU links for the TARDIS map PDFs, so if you want them, go for it.

Relatedly, after an hour of futzing with drivers and Wine configurations, apparently Spotify crashes regardless of what you do. Page me when the Linux version is available for free subscriptions.

EDIT: All the Who and L&O:CI stuff is updated, and now I'm scared to go further. HOLD ME.
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After a year+ with no internet, I finally put my grownup pants on, allocated some money from my 'Stupid Shit and Drinking' fund, and purchased myself a world wide web. IT IS GLORIOUS. I'd been pretty okay with taking my laptop to a cafe or the library, but my Macbook is dying the slow, horrible, unfixable Apple Death, and I'm not really into getting a new computer. SO.

Oh Mac OSX Tiger I never have to look at your stupid face again. (No, I never upgraded, because money, and lack of fucks to give.)

I AM DOWNLOADING ALL OF THE PROGRAMSSSS orr I will be as soon as Update Manager finishes churning through the eight billion updates I missed since last year. I am ONE ENTIRE DISTRIBUTION BEHIND U GUYZ. Anyone out there running Linux? TELL ME SOME SASSY NEW APPS 2 GET. I am so terribly excited.

Also, porn. Lots and lots of porn. And Hulu, but mostly...porn. NO SHAME.
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Sometimes I wonder if I'm not too much of an asshole for Dreamwidth. It's wall-to-wall personal feelings and pearl clutching, idek. At least it's not tumblr, hey.

Speaking of circlejerk shitholes, I started a glitch gif blog @ http://hamfingers.tumblr.com, since apparently that's what I do with my life. Don't click if you have the thing where flashing images are not good for you.

(I lied, I do like Tumblr, it's just certain sections...I cannot go to. It's like if reddit were a thing you could accidentally wind up on. UGH INTERNET.)
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I HAVE A QUESTION. And I'm guessing the answer will be more complicated than my math-dumb brain can handle, but here goes.

Okay. So. Say I wanted to write a program/process that would replace characters with arbitrarily-chosen pixels, ie a=red, b=blue, c=green, !=hot pink, etc. How would I go about it? I've been doing this by replacing each instance of a character with a color's hex code in a text editor then resaving in a hex editor, but find-replace-all overwrites previous edits (find-replace 'f' erases FF FF, f'rinstance), so it takes forever, and I'd like to automate the process.

1. I'm on a mac, but I have a pc running Mint also
2. I have zero experience in programming
3. Why am I even

EDIT: Okay, I just realized I can assign a symbol to each letter and then assign a hex code to each symbol. So! Is there a way to automate the find/replace function? Would it be worth looking at Java translation programs or is there an easier way?

EDIT 2: Automator workflows, right. Except now I am also researching conlangs and ceasar cipher programs what rabbit hoooooollllllle
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HEY GUYS. My music collection is really old. Please rec me some new stuff!

I am partic. interested in the following:

electronic dance crap (I am the sort of fan who buys a Fabric mix once a year, for example)
intricately produced rap (ex: Dalek, DOOM, GZA)
hardcore? (last purchased: the Sinaloa/Ampere split. Anciiieeeennnt.)
things that sound like the Black Heart Procession

thank you in advance for yr assistance.
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>fishtown feels


2. It always smells like pizza at the el stop, and I can never quite pinpoint where it's coming from.

3. Is it wrong to be slightly disappointed that the Warlocks moved out?

4. Pajamas are not appropriate for the outdoors.

5. Fuck you Pa Wine and Spirits Shoppes for having 1,000 kinds of vodka and only two kinds of rye, and apparently no bitters at all? But all the shitty margerita mixes ever.

6. Frankford Hall I love you but you are kind of ridiculous in the winter, heatlamps or no

7. I hope that guy trying to open a pizza museum raises enough cash bc that is hilarious. PIZZA MUSEUM.
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Ken Boothe - Can't You See

I don't care if you even like rocksteady or reggae, just listen to this. Thom Yorke would give his left testicle to write a song with this stellar a melody and level of feeling. I can't stop playing it, my heart breaks every time, and the beat, and that intro, and and aaannnd.

For context: this came out the same year as the White Album. Not tryna start That Debate, just, uh, the 60s had other things going on in it, okay.
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Things I have found while cleaning my apartment:

three lighters
hand-squeezy things (for grip improvement? Those jawns)
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - All This Useless Beauty (bonus disc)
more bank pens than I care to admit
chocolate (?) (I ate it) (fuck you, don't judge)
ancient City Paper
check stubs check stubs check stubs
a quarter!
CVS receipts for days

It's not that I'm a slob, though I am - I tend to put things on top of/near to where they go, especially when coming home from work or the bar or the bar after working, and then it turns into a pile, and the pile falls over, and then I have to mount an excavation to find my shoes. Instead of just putting the shit where it belongs in the first place.

Also it's been scientifically proven that pennies and lighters inevitably wind up under the sofa. It's where they belong.


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